Salem State University is honored to be part of the 2014-2016 American Council on Education (ACE) 12th Internationalization Laboratory Cohort.

The Committee on Comprehensive Internationalization at Salem State University is working to develop a plan to improve campus internationalization. The committee’s mission is to advance students’ intellectual, personal and professional growth through the expansion of global awareness and engagement. This will be accomplished through a plan designed to enhance and to integrate curricular and co-curricular activities, student and faculty mobility, international partnerships, and the recruitment, retention, and engagement of international students and scholars.

We understand international students, scholars, faculty, staff, and alumni to include: students and scholars attending SSU on international student and scholar visas, anyone born or raised outside the United States, anyone born or raised in a sovereign nation within the United States or in a US territory or commonwealth, anyone who considers themselves a refugee in or immigrant to the United States.

The Task force for Comprehensive Internationalization spent 2014-2015 gathering information about current practices, experiences and interests of the Salem State community in a variety of international activities and areas of global study.  Thanks to all who helped in that effort.

The Committee on Comprehensive Internationalization is now in the process of drafting and prioritizing recommendations to improve Salem State’s international, global, and intercultural practices and experiences in line with our common interests.  We would like the entire campus community to be a part of this drafting and prioritizing.  We invite participation at Open Forums, through responses to a survey that will be distributed in 2016, and through participation in the committee (all meetings are open).

By the end of Spring, 2016 we expect to deliver a final Plan for Comprehensive Internationalization.

For questions or concerns, please contact co-chairs Zach Newell, znewell@salemstate.edu, and Keja Valens, kvalens@salemstate.edu.


2 Responses to Welcome

  1. I am glad that this project is uder way & would like to participate. As a person who devoted all of his professional life (more than 30 years) to internationalization activities I think I can provide some assistance.
    Massoud Farahbakhsh, DBA
    Professor & Executive Director
    Center for International Business & Economic Studies (CIBES)
    Bertelon School of Business


  2. Janice Oxford says:

    Salem State University is progressively becoming one of the most sought out schools of higher learning – as it thrives to provide unlimited resources and professors who demonstrate professional excellence !


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